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Speed Camera Detection Systems:

TTW have been involved with the sales and distribution of speed camera detection systems since 2003, so we can offer the very best advise on the best system for you.


TTW Installations offer full retail and trade distribution of all the latest models from Genevo, Target, Laser Track, Aguri as well as specialising in the correct installation of these systems so they compliment your vehicles interior as well as not causing issues with the vehicle electrics.

Speed Camera Detection Systems - UK Experts since 2003 - TTW Installations UK
Road Angel - Speed Camera Detection - TTW Installations


Aguri – offer the ultimate speed trap detectors for UK & European Driving locating all types of speed Cameras in use today.

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Offering the very best in Radar & Laser – GPS Detection for 2021

Target Blu Eye

Innovative and new traffic safety system Target Blu Eye  The system is based on the Airwave (TETRA) network, alerting to these radio frequencies.

Laser Track Flare

LaserTrack Flare is an innovative multifunctional remote control device which combines with the most advanced laser speed trap protection-technology.

Offering the very latest in speed camera detection systems for UK & European driving. "Every product TTW supplies we can also offer the very best installation service if required.

TTW Installations  

At TTW we can offer GPS based speed camera detection devices, as well as police car detectors and full blown laser mobile site protection. Call us today on 01159 599 995.

Genevo Max - Radar - Laser - GPS Speed Camera Detection

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If you are interested in any of the Speed Camera products we offer please drop us a line to see what we can offer you and your vehicle. Or if you prefer to chat, call us on 01159 599 995.

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