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When you're away or even when your motorhome is parked up it needs protecting. Losing your motorhome would be virtually unthinkable so let TTW protect it today.

 TTW Installations

Motorhome Vehicle Tracking from TTW Installations. 

TTW Installations offer the very latest range in motorhome tracking devices offering the very best in motorhome vehicle recovery as well as total prevention.

A Motorhome Tracker can immediately and accurately pinpoint the location of a stolen motorhome and guide police to a speedy recovery.

The Actual Cost of Motorhome Theft.

The impact of motorhome theft is about more than losing your vehicle, there are both financial and emotional consequences.

  • Loss of your 2nd  home
  • Total loss of your holiday/trip
  • Cost of accommodation if away when it happens
  • Loss of personal valuables and belongings
  • Loss of your insurance excess
  • Loss of your no-claims bonus
  • Insurance settlement delays

Types of motorhome tracking solutions:


Thatcham Category S5 Tracking system?

These days is getting hard to steel vehicles without the physical car keys but its not beyond the abilities of all but the most sophisticated thieves. Criminals are now having to steel the keys in order to steal the car. This is why Cat S5 has been introduced.

To tackle the ongoing issues with key theft, Thatcham security are working closely with the police and other organisations to develop a range of technologies, which led to the introduction of the new Thatcham Category S5 for anti theft systems. This system incorporates automatic driver recognition (known as ADR cards or fobs for the very first time.

The new Cat S5 Tracking Systems when fitted to vehicles will have a direct effect on vehicle crime. It is not only the device in the vehicle that is subject to the criteria. For the first time, a Thatcham Category applies to the entire system – design, installation, maintenance and operation, with quality and security requirements being set and audited at every level.

Cat s5 Tracking Systems is defined as one of the highest Class of vehicle security tracking systems on the market today.

Cat S5 plus – Gps/Gsm/VHF vehicle tracking system including driver I.D cards as well as engine immobilization.

Cat S5 ADR – Gps/Gsm tracking vehicle tracking system including automatic driver recognition cards.

What is a Thatcham Category 6/S7 Tracking System?

Thatcham Research is the motor insurers’ automotive research centre. Established by the motor insurance industry in 1969, the centre’s main aim is to contain or reduce the cost of motor insurance claims whilst maintaining safety standards.

Insurance approved stolen vehicle tracking systems are given a defined class by Thatcham which is known as…

Category 6 – Gps/Gsm Stolen-vehicle tracking system incl low battery monitoring, movement sensor, battery back up.

Category S7 -VHF (Very high frequency)-Stolen vehicle tracking system incl low battery monitoring, movement sensor, battery back up.

All systems TTW supply are Category 6/7 Tracking Systems are Thatcham & Insurance Approved.

Insurance companies may ask you for a Category 6/S7 Tracking Systems or even a Category S5 when insuring your vehicle these days.

Category 6/S7 Tracking Systems ideal as a option for extra security for your vehicle but they can also help lower your insurance premium.


TTW Installations can offer a full range of tracking and immobiliser solutions for
Caravan & Motorhome


Scorpiontrack Motorhome & Caravan Tracking and Immobiliser Solutions


Your motorhome or caravan is a significant financial investment and one which you and your family will have developed an emotional bond too. So – it’s important you take steps to keep it safe and secure. Established in 1973, Scorpion Automotive have a long established track record of developing, manufacturing and supplying motorhome and caravan security systems that evolve with changing technologies and the increasingly sophisticated methods of theft.


ScorpionTrack CAT 5 – S5 – Plus Tracking System

Top Of The Range System

From £649.99 Fully Fitted

ScorpionTrack CAT6 – S7 – Tracking System

Advanced Vehicle Tracking

From £345.00 Fully Fitted

OBD Portector Thatcham Approved

Motorhome Theft Security
3 Year Warranty

From £329.99 Fully Fitted

Smartrack Motorhome & Caravan Tracking and Immobiliser Solutions

Smartrack - vehicle Tracking - TTW installations

SmarTrack’s Stolen Vehicle Recovery Products (SVRS) now recognised as a market leader in Insurance approved vehicle tracking systems throughout the UK. Smartrack Vehicle tracking devices have been assured by Thatcham to be recognised by vehicle insurance companies. SmarTrack devices are very well suited to caravans & Motorhomes.


SmarTrack Caravan Protector

ideal for all Caravans, Fifth Wheels and Static/Port-a-Cabins

From £229.99 Fully Fitted

Smartrack Trident – CAT6 – S7 – Tracking System

Thatcham TQA104 status.

From £284.99.00 Fully Fitted

Smartrack S5 Plus –  With Engine Kill – Tracking System

Top Of The Range System

From £699.99 Fully Fitted

Vodafone Motorhome & Caravan Tracking and Immobiliser Solutions

Vodafone Automotive Vehicle Tracking

Protect your motorhome with our Vodafone Protect & Connect systems, which utilise Vodafone Automotive’s 40+ years experience in vehicle security and telematics to bring you the latest theft tracking and connected vehicle technology.

Vodafone Protect & Connect CAT 5 – S5 – Plus Tracking System

Vodafone Protect & Connect – S5 – Advanced Tracking System

Top Of The Range System

From £649.99 Fully Fitted

Vodafone Protect & Connect CAT 6 – S7 Motorhome – Tracking System

Vodafone Protect & Connect CAT 6 – S7 Motorhome – Tracking System


From £345.00 Fully Fitted

Vodafone Protect & Connect Motorhome CAT 5 – S5 – Tracking System

Vodafone Protect & Connect Motorhome CAT 5 – S5 – Tracking System

Top Of The Range Motorhome

From £499.00 Fully Fitted

Thatcham Approved Tracking Systems

Autowatch Ghost 2 - CAN Immoboliser - Motorhome & Caravan Security

Autowatch Ghost  - Vehicle Security

The Ghost protects your motorhome from key-cloning, hacking, and even key theft.  The Ghost has no key-fobs or LED indications to give away its location. The Ghost uses the buttons in your vehicle such as those on the steering wheel, door panels or centre console, to allow you to make a unique, changeable, disarm sequence (like a PIN code) that must first be entered before you can drive your motorhome. 

Vodafone Protect & Connect CAT 5 – S5 – Plus Tracking System

Autowatch Ghost 2

Stop Key Cloning & Theft

From £399.99 Fully Fitted

Vodafone Protect & Connect CAT 6 – S7 Motorhome – Tracking System

Autowatch Ghost 2 Including Shadow

Total Motorhome Security

From £659.99 Fully Fitted

Thatcham work with vehicle manufacturers and security equipment manufacturers such as Scorpiontrack, Smartrack, Vodafone Automotive, as well as with the Police and the insurance industry. The Thatcham security testing regime is considered to be one of the most rigorous in the world and acts as a benchmark for crime prevention measures internationally.

Thatcham CAT6, S7 and Category 5, S5 standards are recognised by major insurers who may offer customers a premium discount.

There are normally 2 types of trackers for motorhomes.

Monitored Trackers – Motorhome

Monitored systems cost more to buy, and feature an annual subscription fee, but they do offer 24/7 coverage with staff at a monitoring station being alerted at any time of day or night should your caravan alarm or tracker be triggered.

It’s likely that the first you will know about any caravan theft is a phone call from the monitoring station.
From there things move quickly.

First, they will contact you to check the movement is unauthorised, and, if it is, contact the police to alert them to the situation. Meanwhile, you call the police to obtain a crime number. All the time they are watching the red dot on a screen map as it departs the scene.

Some systems also let you watch your caravan’s movements on a digital device.

What they don’t do is help the caravans’ owners to track down the thieves themselves, as that could clearly be dangerous.

Most of the more expensive tracker systems are linked to a full alarm system, delivering the most comprehensive caravan security package in the UK and beyond.

App- Based Motorhome Trackers.

The cheaper option is an app-based system. These compact devices can be hidden inside the caravan and send out a regular ‘ping’ which can be tracked on a map using a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Some may be linked to an alarm system and can be programmed to alert you with a text, should your tourer be moved when the alarm or tracker has been armed.

Caravan does not recommend tracking the stolen vehicle yourself. Instead, you should contact the police and advise them of your caravan’s whereabouts.

Budget trackers can be wired into the caravan’s electrics or may have their own integral battery. Some claim up to three-month’s battery life, but will need recharging, if, say, you store your caravan over winter.

The criteria for Thatcham Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre accreditation are detailed below.

Thatcham Insurance Vehicle Tracking Requirements

Thatcham CAT 6-S7 CAT 5 – S5
Battery Back-Up Y Y
Bi-Directional Communication Y Y
Street Level Mapping Y Y
Police or Licensed Security Agreement Y Y
Positional Data Store Y Y
Illegal Motion Detection (Ignition off theft alert) Y Y
Driver Identification (Ignition on theft alert) Y Y
Approved Secure Operating Centre Y Y
Engine Crank Inhibition (Remote Immobilisation) N Y
Level 1 Police Response N Y

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