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TTW SecureCat Ford Custom 2012 onwards



TTW SecureCat Ford Custom 2012 – TTW Installations- SCUSTOM (2012 ONWARDS) AP700/FOR-CUS

The TTW Secure Cat catalytic convertor protection system is the answer you’ve been looking for! There has been a massive increase in catalytic convertor thefts from vans, due to the soaring prices of precious metals that are contained within the units.

For vehicle : SCUDO EURO-5 2.0 LITRE AP700/FIA-SCU


The soaring prices of precious metals has led to a dramatic increase in the theft of Catalytic-Converters and DPFs. Replacements can cost over £2000, not to mention the inconvenience, downtime and potential loss of business. Protect yours now by fitting an TTW SecureCat to your vehicle. This is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Fantastic value for money, simple to install and secure enough to prevent all but the most severe theft-attacks. CATs and DPFs can be stolen using the very simplest of tools and it typically takes less than 60 seconds!