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TTW Vehicle Coding Specialists Nottingham



TTW can offer a extensive range of  Vehicle Coding and Adaptation services such as Apple CarPlay Activation, Unlock Hidden Features and much more.

We specialise in the following vehicle manufacturers:

Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, SEAT, Skoda, Bentley and Lamborghini and Porsche vehicles.

Car coding is a relatively new thing in the automotive world, and it implies software modifications to a vehicle to allow the use of functions not available in the car when it left the factory for different reasons, mainly local regulations. … It only changes preprogramed options already existent in the software


Advanced solutions for interacting with your vehicle

If you have a BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Seat, Skoda, or Mini, Mercedes , Porsche we can optimally code your car to fit your needs.

TTW Vehicle Coding Specialists Nottingham

Vehicle Coding Specialist Services.

Nottingham – Derby – Leicester – East Midlands. AUDI – VW – SEAT – SKODA

Racingline VW Performance Tuning - Nottingham
Racingline Audi Performance Tuning - Nottingham

Professional VW / AUDI –  Vehicle Coding Services.

Please see below just a small selection of upgrades we can offer.

Some of the options we can offer for VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat vehicles. The features will vary from each model. If there is a specific option you need or require give us a call today on 01159 599 995 to see what VW, Audi coding we can offer you.

Visual Lighting Coding

  • Pace Indicators – Tail light indicators alternate when flashing.
  • US Style DRLs – Front indicators stay on all the time, creating effect of US side lights.
  • Tail Lights As DRL – Tail lights be on during daytime.
  • DRL Brightness Increase – Increase the brightness of daytime running lights when headlights are on.
  • Cornering Fog Lights – When you turn the steering wheel, the corresponding fog light comes on automatically to increase visibility. During night time.
  • Emergency Braking Lights – Hazards & brake lights start flashing when you do emergency stop at 50mph+
  • Coming Home Lights – When you lock the car and the lights stay on for few seconds.
  • Leaving Home Lights – When you unlock the car and the lights come on for few seconds.
  • Automatic Coming Home Lights – Coming home lights automatically stay on when instead of flashing high beam.
  • Fogs As C/L Home Lights – Fog lights come on instead of low beams as C/L home lights.
  • Five Brake Lights – Turns on all brake lights when you brake instead of just three. Golf MK7.
  • Pulsing Front Indicators – Headlight indicators alternate with the DRL to create a pulsing effect.
  • Enable Daytime Running Lights – Turns your low beam on during daytime on older cars to create effect of DRL

Smartphone Multimedia App Upgrades

  • Seat Full Link Activation
  • Skoda Smartlink Activation
  • Audi Smartphone Interface Activation
  • VW App Connect Activation
  • Porsche PCM 4.0 Apple CarPlay

    Audio / Entertainment Coding

    • Video In Motion – Lets you watch videos whilst driving via DVD, USB, SD Card. You must be able to watch videos whilst not driving.
    • Parking Sensor Display – Enables the parking sensor display if you have rear OEM sensors.
    • Menu For Beep – Allows you to turn beep when locking/unlocking On & Off.
    • Menu For DRL – Allows you to turn daytime running lights on/off.
    • Ambient Colours – Adds option to change ambient lighting of dash/instrument cluster depending on car.
    • Additional Ambient Colours – Adds more colours in ambient lighting menu.
    • Start-Up Logo Change – Changes the start-up logo of the screen.

    Advanced Dashboard Coding

    • Needle Sweep – Instrument cluster’s needles sweep from left to right.
    • MPH Digital Speed – Displays MPH speed in highline or MFD cluster.
    • Region Change — KMH to MPH
    • Lap Time – Enable’s lap timer in dash.
    • Refuel Amount In Dash – Shows amount of fuel needed to reach full tank in Litres or Gallons.
    • Oil Temp – Shows oil temperature in dash.
    • Start-Up Logo Change – Change the logo on start-up (A3 -> S3 etc).
    • Carbon Fibre Theme – Changes the speedometer background to carbon fibre.
    • G-Meter In Virtual Cockpit – Displays G force on the display

        Door Locking & Window Features

        • Beep When Locking/Unlocking – Car beeps when you lock and unlock it.
        • Auto Lock When Moving – Automatically locks the car when speed goes above 10mph.
        • Auto Unlock – Unlocks the car when key is removed from ignition.
        • Selective Unlocking – Choose which door’s to unlock first. Driver’s door or All doors.
        • Comfort Windows – Open/Close windows using remote/key.
        • Close Boot Using Key – Allows you to close automatic boot using your key.
        • Close Boot Using Button – Allows you to close automatic boot using button inside car.

        Vehicle Safety Coding

        • Seat Belt Warning Off – Disables the ding when you don’t wear seat belt.
        • Door Open Ding – Disables the ding when your ignition is on and door is open.
        • Fold Mirrors When Locking – Automatically folds your side mirror when locking.
        • Mirror Dip In Reverse – Dips the passenger side mirror in reverse. Allows you to see the curb easily.
        • One-Touch Mirror Fold – Lets you fold mirrors on lock by only pressing button once instead of holding it.
        BMW Vehicle Coding

        Professional BMW Vehicle Coding Services.

        Please see below just a small selection of upgrades we can offer.

        BMW - Video-In-motion Coding
        BMW Tail-Lights-DLS Coding
        M-Performance-Logo-Upgrade Coding
        M-Performance-Cluster-Logo Coding
        idrive-5-6-upgrade Coding
        Apple-Carplay-upgrade coding BMW
        alpina-Digital-Cluster-Coding coding
        BMW Alpina-Cluster Coding
        • Idrive 5 To Idrive 6 Lite
        • Video In Motion (Must Be Able To Watch Videos Whilst Not Moving)
        • Video Via Usb
        • Additional Video Codecs/Formats
        • Orange Or Red/Black Sports Display
        • Digital Speed
        • Alpina Style Speedometer
        • M Performance Style Speedometer
        • M Performance Logo In Speedometer
        • Change 6Wb To Grey/White Colours
        • Increase Speedometer Scale To 330Km/H
        • Use Smartphone Ringtone
        • Enable Sports Plus Mode
        • Enable Comfort Plus Mode
        • Enable Coasting Mode In Eco Pro
        • Change Default Start Up Mode (Adaptive/Sports/Sports Individual/Eco Pro/Eco Pro Individual)
        • Enable Comfort Plus Mode Options In Eco Pro Individual
        • Start/Stop Remember Last Setting
        • Disable Horn When Locking Car With Engine Running
        • Increase Usb Charging Speed To 2100Ma (Idrive 7 / Mgu Only)
        • Display Full Text Messages
        • Activate Enhanced Bluetooth (Nbtevo Only)
        • Reverse Camera Zoom
        • Change Warning Chimes (Rolls Royce/Mini Etc)
        • Disable Seat Belt Warning
        • Enable 5 Click Blinker Option In Exterior Lighting Settings
        • Aircon Memory
        • M-Performance Start Up Animation
        • Tyre Temperature With Pressure
        • Beep When Locking/Unlocking
        • Fold Mirrors With One Press (Req. Power Folding Mirrors)
        • Menu For Beep
        • Menu For Drl
        • Think We Are Missing Something From The List? Message Us To Find Out If We Can Code It
        TTW Vehicle Coding Specialists Nottingham

        TTW Offer Essential Coding Package Ugrades for your vehicle. We have a dedicated team offering all aspects of vehicle coding upgrades. If its possible we can do it …

        Our Services

        Enhancing your vehicle by activating features and functions that are not enabled at the factory when the car is built. With Essential Coding Packages these options can be turned on to further individualise your vehicle.

        TTW Coding is an automotive services company with vast experience in performing software adaptation and coding, parameterisation, diagnostics and automotive electrical systems repairs. We also specialise in OEM equipment replacement, OEM equipment retrofit and custom hardware installation, supporting vehicles from:

        BMW – VW – AUDI – SEAT – SKODA –

        Porsche Cayman Apple Carplay


        Meeting every driver needs we offer the following options:

        • Workshop
        • Reset service and inspection lights
        • (Oil service reset, Brake pads replacement, etc.)
        • Retrofits
        • Adapt additional vehicle parts after installation (LED license plate lights, washer fluid level sensor, etc.).
        • Adjustments
        • Adjust and activate various vehicle comfort functions for your needs:
        • Adjust car lights (daytime running lights, cornering lights, etc.)
        • Control comfort settings (door auto lock, window closing/opening, etc.)
        • Unlock cool visual features (needle sweep, optical parking system, etc.)
        • Add more features (lap timer, multimedia engineering menu, etc.)
        • Disable unwanted functions (sound actor, seat belt warning, etc.)
        Apple CarPlay Mercedes

        Apple Carplay Activation upgrades for :

        • Seat Full Link Activation
        • Skoda Smartlink Activation
        • Audi Smartphone Interface Activation
        • VW App Connect Activation
        • Porsche PCM 4.0 Apple CarPlay
        • BMW Carplay Activation Inc Wireless
        BMW Logo

        In Need of Vehicle Coding Services?

        TTW offer a vast range of vehicle coding services.