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Vodafone Protect & Connect CAT 5 – S5 – Plus Tracking System


Vodafone Protect & Connect 5 is our top of the range system, Vodafone Protect & Connect 5 incorporates all the benefits of the standard Vodafone Protect & Connect 6 system with the added protection of:

  • Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR)
  • Remote Engine Immobilisation
  • The highest level of insurance accreditation available in the UK – Thatcham Category 5


With a vehicle stolen every 6 minutes in the UK,* vehicle theft still remains a problem. Whilst in today’s connected world, vehicle drivers don’t just want simple tracking protection anymore, they want to be able to connect remotely to it and access different services. Vodafone Protect & Connect range utilises Vodafone Automotive’s 40+ years’ experience in vehicle security and telematics to bring you the latest theft tracking and connected car technology.

ADR (Automatic Driver Recognition)

The driver card is a discreet pocket-sized card that you carry with you whenever you drive your vehicle. On leaving your vehicle, the system automatically arms itself.

If the vehicle is moved without the driver card present, Vodafone Automotive’s Secure Operating Centre is alerted instantly to a potential theft. This means that even if your vehicle is taken using your own keys, the theft is detected immediately.

How does it work?

The system is supplied with 2 unique driver cards. An authorised driver must have a driver card in their possession when using the vehicle.

Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR)

  • The system will automatically arm itself 70 seconds after the vehicle ignition has been switched off and the driver card is out of range (approximately 3 metres)
  • The system will automatically disarm itself when the driver card is brought back in range of the vehicle
  • If your vehicle is driven and the driver card has not been detected, a silent alert will be transmitted to the Vodafone Automotive 24 hour Secure Operating Centre, who will contact you to check that a vehicle theft has not taken place

For added security, if the driver card is not present, the system will also generate an alert:

  • When your vehicle is lifted or towed away without the keys
  • When your vehicle battery is disconnected or discharged

Remote Engine Immobilisation

Remote Engine Immobilisation technology enables Police to authorise Vodafone Automotive to send an alert to the vehicle to prevent the engine being restarted once it comes to a standstill. This significantly increases the chance of your vehicle being recovered undamaged, and can also help Police to avoid high speed pursuit of suspect vehicles.

Thatcham Category S5 Approved

Vodafone Protect & Connect S5 conforms to the highest level of insurance accreditation for stolen vehicle tracking systems, Thatcham Category S5. As such, it offers you the ultimate security protection for your vehicle to prevent vehicle theft.


The ultimate protection for your vehicle – with European coverage as standard*
Today’s high value vehicles provide rich pickings for today’s new breed of professional vehicle thieves who steal to order and are often shipped to other countries.

Improvements in vehicle security and advancements in telematics technology, including stolen vehicle tracking, have been at the forefront of reducing stolen vehicle numbers in the UK from over 300,000 to under 70,000 in recent years.

Vodafone tracking systems uses the latest GPS / GPRS / GSM technology, providing pinpoint accuracy and unparalleled service levels. Police liaison is conducted in local language through Vodafone Automotive’s network of Secure Operating Centres across 49 countries globally.

Vodafone stolen vehicle tracking systems are installed covertly to your vehicle making it difficult for a thief to know that a tracking system is present.
All Vodafone stolen vehicle tracking systems are Thatcham accredited – which can reduce insurance premiums – and carry a 2 year warranty which is usually transferable to a replacement vehicle, enhancing the vehicle’s residual value and protecting the owner’s initial investment.
Our proactive top of the range Vodafone Protect & Connect S5 system with Remote Ignition Lock functionality, allowing Vodafone Automotive to safely immobilise a stolen vehicle with Police authorisation.
This proactive stolen vehicle tracking system automatically detects theft even when a thief has taken the vehicle keys.

Vodafone protect & Connect Cat S5 has these features as well as all the features on the cat 6 version.

Vodaphone cat 6 Tracking Info

odafone Automotive stolen vehicle tracking system automatically gives you access to our mobile application and web.

Vodaphone Tracking - comparison Chart