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This is the product for those who require the ultimate security for there van.

This is available for side and rear barn doors only

The TTW Armour Lock features include a robust body made from a lightweight yet durable Alloy with an anodised black finish. It uses a high security, low maintenance locking system which incorporates a semi-automatic hardened steel locking bolt that’s durable enough to handle frequent use without failing.

The unique design of the angled body is designed to deflect direct blows from a hammer, its inter-locking (anti-jemmy) rear body prevents the doors from being crowbarred/ jemmied apart and on the side door the 45 degree shell body chamfer allows the TTW Armour Lock to close to a gap of 3mm which further enhances protection to the systems locking bolt. The shells also incorporate hardened steel/ anti-drill inserts in the lock bodies to prevent circumventing of the locking system. Finished in a high quality anodised black with corrosion protection for the most demanding environments also included are bespoke internal reinforcing fixing plates to achieve the securest mount possible when installing.

Key Features:

  • High Security Low Maintenance Semi-Automatic System
  • Unique Angled Body Deflects Blows from a Hammer
  • Inter-Locking (Anti Jemmy) Rear Body
  • 45 Degree Side Door Body Chamfer Allows the Armourshell to fit Side Doors
  • Hardened Steel, Anti-Drill Inserts in the Lock Bodies
  • Anti Pick Lock & Hardened Steel Bolt
  • High Quality Anodised Finish
  • Effective Yet Cosmetically Discreet