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Laser Track Flare – Numberplate Accessory – Duel Head


LaserTrack Flare: based on infrared laser technology


*please note you will need an existing Laser Track Flare kit for this to work

Infrared laser systems with a wavelength (frequency) of 904 nanometres, are used on a worldwide scale for measuring distance and speed, because of their exceptionally narrow beam and high degree of insensitivity for atmospheric circumstances. The advantage of an exceptionally narrow beam, the laser beam, is that an object, for instance a car, can be ‘pointed at’ with great precision at a distance of hundreds of meters. This way, within a fraction of a second, distance and speed can be measured. This is all done entirely invisibly as the infrared beam cannot be identified by the human eye. The best known laser systems are the laser guns used by the police to carry out speed enforcement.


LaserTrack Flare: flawless distinction between different laser systems

Offering a revolutionary numberplate kit offering duel heads.

Whats in the box?

  • Duel Transponder Heads
  • Ext Leads
  • Numberplate surround