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Fiat 500-595-Abarth – Upgrade Audio Package Option 2


Fiat 500/595/Abarth – Upgrade Audio Package Option 2

Here at TTW Installations we have put a specific package together to vastly improve your existing Fiat 500/595/Abarth audio system. This package is the 2nd level upgrade which includes upgraded door speakers, Bass Enclosure, Amplifier etc

This kit consists of a selection of audison speaker upgrades that will fit in the existing place of the std speakers provided from the factory. As well a a specific bass enclosure and amplifier so to give the system the added punch and quality that is missing from the std audio  that fiat offer as std.

The kit cost also includes all the additional cabling as well as sound proofing to make this system sound the best it can.

If you would like this professionally installed by us then please call 01159 599 995 for prices


Front Speakers:

  • Audison Prima APK165-2 2-Way 2 Ohm Component


  • Upgrade cables (if required)

Sound Proofing:

  • Skinz Sound Proofing Kit


  • Audison AP8.9bit

Bass Enclosure:

  • Audison APBX8DS

Additional Items

  • Fiat 500 Speaker Collar Kit 
  • Speaker – Signal