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Audison Thesis HV venti

£8,499.99 £8,399.99

Audison Thesis car audio amplifiers are more than just a study in technology. The Audison Thesis car amplifier programme genuinely pushes the boundaries of car audio excellence and rewrites the rules of car audio amplification.


HV venti originates from the merging of two legends: HR100 musicality and HV sedici power blend together to give life to the amplifier par excellence.

HV Venti is a stereo Dual Mono amplifier realized according to absolute Hi End parameters.

Four power supplies, low feedback, high bias current: these are only some of the adopted solutions to obtain reference performances.

Through the developing of HV venti project many technological innovations were introduced in audio field.

Dual Power lets you set up final stage in two output power configurations, Hi Current or Hi Power. This function permits total conformation to loudspeakers impedance and power handling specifications.

The preamplifier PCB is able to dissipate the heat generated by the active devices while keeping their working temperature at the same level and positively affecting sound.
In order to let you admire the masterpiece Audison designers created the electronics is covered by a special tempered scratchproof glass and it is lighted by several white, red and blue leds positioned in strategic spots.

Innovative “Dual Power” function allows to configure the amplifier for two output power sets: Hi Current or Hi Power.

  • Dual Bias” selectors permit to change Class A percentage and the amplifier related idling current.
  • Crossover module with selectable cut-off frequency provided as accessory. In order to insert it, bypass module has to be removed, so that when the crossover isn’t used, signal path is minimized.
  • Cooling system realized with heatsink, natural convection, and a pair of fans for each heatsink side which let air flow within side cooling ducts.
  • ASC (Amplifier Status Control): microprocessor based unit designed to manage every amplifier operations. It shows amplifier temperature, protection and others important information about its the status.
  • Innovative output power stage topology, discrete IGBT, realized with a complementary pair of Hitachi DMOS driving two pair of complementary Sanken power BJT, each rated for 30A peak current and 200W dissipation.
  • Balanced Class A biased driver with separate 150V Flyback power supply.
  • Thermally stabilized with central fan independent from the others on the side ducts. • Fully balanced JFET differential input preamplifier with output buffer for control unit.
  • ABS inputs and ABS bypass outputs, decoupled through two audio-grade polypropylene capacitors per channel.
  • Four Synchro-PWM power supplies allow to obtain very fast transient current response and to realize Dual Mono configuration.
  • Wide range of protections: power limiter in case of loudspeakers shortcircuit or overload, over 90°C thermal protections, power output terminals shortcircuit to vehicle chassis, battery protection operating with voltage lower than 11V or higher than 16V, DC at output terminals, power supply fuse.