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Audison Prima APBX 10 DS


This beautiful piece of luggage compartment furniture not only looks the business but produces unbelievable bass despite its small 12 Litre volume. Connections allow installer to wire both on board voice coils in parallel presenting a 2 Ohm load or run separately as two 4 Ohm. Temporary removable possible if necessary, but once experienced, you won’t want to be without it!



  • Ultra-low profile (5.6 in. / 142 mm) box with sealed designperfectly tuned to fully exploit the APS 10 D driver.
  • 2S2 (2 Sides/2 Sounds) design provides the ability to choose between Down-Firing mounting to increase the low-frequency extension and Up-Firing install to obtain more punch anddefinition.
  • Leveling feet with velcro inserts included for a secure grip with the carpet while maintaining easy removal.
  •  SSP (Sub Smart Plug) features both traditional push contacts anda Plug-&-Play terminal block to easily configure the impedance asrequired and provides a quick release.
  • Rounded corners allow easy positioning in the trunk and act as reinforcement to reduce enclosure resonance.
  • Special designed cone-dustcap-basket geometry which guarantees a long linear excursion capability (11 mm, one-way).
  • Massive driver motor assembly, optimized with FEM (Finite Element Modeling) for perfect control under high excursion conditions.
  • Water-repellent treated paper 10 in. cone, featuring a profiledeveloped with FEM simulation and optimized with the Klippel Scan Vibrometer.
  • Specifically developed to be combined with either the AP8.9 bit(2 CH + 2 CH bridged), AP5.9 bit (Sub CH) or AP4.9 bit/AP4 D(2 CH bridged) amplifiers taking advantage of the bass boostfeature and integrated parametric equalizer of the built-in DSP.
  • Sturdy metal grid included for a total protection of the subwoofer driver.

Technical Specification

Enclosure type: SEALED, LOADED SUB BOX
Size: 250 mm (10”)
Power Handling: 400 W Continuous Power 800 W Peak Power
Impedance (Ohms): 4 + 4
Sub box size mm (in.): 472 (18.58) x 334 (13.15) x 120 (4.72)
Magnet: High density flux ferrite
Cone: Cotton-Fibre pressed paper
Weight of one component kg (lb): 8,63 (19.03)