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AlloyGator Exclusive Range in Black


Exclusive – Black Kit – AlloyGator Gen2 – 2019 Model


  • Suits 98% of wheel and tyre combinations.
  • Tyres can be changed with the AlloyGators in place
  • Suitable for run-flat tyres
  • Fully Tested by MIRA – (Motor Industry Resurch Association)
  • Protects tyre wall from damage
  • Discreet Protection
  • Durable Protection
  • Enhanced Protection
  • Customized Protection
  • A variety of colour options to choose from



We’ve all done it…that terrible feeling when you hear that sound of your precious alloys grating against the kerb. No matter how careful a driver you are, there will always be pot-holes or other drivers that force you to make a manoeuvre that causes you to damage your alloy wheels. We have the answer with the very latest Exclusive profile from AlloyGator. These are designed and manufactured in the UK, it’s a very simple idea but often the best ideas are. AlloyGator fits between your wheel and the tyre, when the inevitable happens, AlloyGator takes the impact, and not your alloys…

Exclusive Range – Black Kit – AlloyGator Gen2 – 2019 Model

Universal size fits 12″ to 24″ wheels – £89.99

Next generation AlloyGator – rounded edge profiles for wheels ranging from 12″ to 24″ diameter. Contains 4 AlloyGator Exclusive wheel protectors, 6 joining clips, stainless steel securing clips and glue.