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Pandora Eye Pro
2020 Model Version.

Pandora Eye Pro is a telemetry module designed to expand the service functions of Pandora systems with Bluetooth interface.

The pandora Eye is designed to upgrade your Mini BT or Light Pro alarm system, to the same specifications as the larger telemetric systems. This tiny Bluetooth device has its own battery supply of its disconnected from the vehicles power supply, lasting a few months on its own power.

Connects to your alarm using Bluetooth, meaning no wires to follow from the alarm to the tracker unit. The Eye Pro upgraded your alarm system to full GPS real time tracking, allowing you to track your vehicle anytime using Pandora’s Pro app.

This gives you the power to control all your alarm features, by CALL, TEXT or 3G.

Instant alarm notification will also be pushed to your Phone notifying instantly of an alarm activation. The System connects to your mobile phone through Bluetooth when close to the vehicle and GSM when out of Bluetooth range, keeping you connected to your vehicle 24/7 anywhere in the world.





Pandora Eye Pro - TTW Installations

RRP £399.99
NOW £349.99 (Inc Vat)

Pandora Eye Pro

Product Specification & Features:

The integrated interfaces of the module adds the following control and monitoring functions to the systems:

  • Designed to work with Light Pro & Mini BT alarm system.

  • Upgrade your alarm with full GPS & GLONASS tracking with real time location

  • 6 months FREE subscription

  • Full alarm control anywhere in the world

  • Instant alarm notification using 3G PUSH -TEXT & CALL capability

  • Bluetooth connection means it can be hidden anywhere in the vehicle.

  • Battery Backup supply with replaceable battery

  • Designed to be small, easily hidden anywhere in the vehicle

  • Remote vehicle shut down, kill the engine in the event of a car jacking (anti-hijack needs to be fitted)

  • Smartphone app IOS & Android

  • Smartwatch control

  • Automatically switches to Bluetooth connection when close to the vehicle

  • 128 Bit Encryption

  • Anti-hijack with worldwide shut down.

  • Dual Shock sensor – Detects hard impact Light impact.

  • Motion – Accelerometer, detects speed and movement, vehicle towing.

  • Option to add – Remote engine start.

    *Yearly Subscription needed after free subscription period ends

Pandora Car Alarms - TTW Installations - Pandora Eye Pro
Pandora Car Alarms - TTW Installations