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He-Man Dual Control Systems

TTW can supply and install these systems for all UK ADIs, vehicle dealerships in the following areas: Nottinghamshire – Derbyshire – Leicestershire. Offering mobile installations as well as our dedicated installation bays at our head office in nottingham.

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He-Man Duel Control Systems - Supply & Installations Nottingham

What are Dual Controls?

Dual controls are fitted to driving school cars so that the driving instructor can stop the car in the event of a safety critical incident. On a manual driving school car, dual controls consist of dual brake and clutch. On an automatic car there is only one dual control which is a brake pedal.

HeMan is the leading UK dual controls supplier and is the preferred dual control system for most of the motor manufacturers who supply cars in the UK.

Offering Only The Best Dual Control Solutions.

He-Man Duel Control Systems - Supply & Installations Nottingham

Pedals for safe driving tuition.

He-Man is the leading name in Dual Control systems, and has become the industry standard; the name is synonymous with pedals for safe driving tuition.


100% British product

100% British products, Each dual control is a dedicated design, to ensure the highest level of quality, operation and safety when it is fitted to the appropriate make and model of vehicle.


Unique rodded system

He Man dual controls are the UK’s leading dual control system, chosen by professionals. They are approved for all major manufacturers in the UK, and have a unique rodded system which provides reliability and safety to you and your vehicle

“Offering supply and installation of the He-Man Dual Control Systems at our dedicated install bay in nottingham or mobile installs.”

TTW Installations – Nottingham

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